On December 26, 1994 the body of an as yet unidentified woman was found in a water hole at Kreisstraße 59 between the towns of Eickhorst and Thune on an asphalted dirt road. The woman had been knocked down on a dirt road about 50 m from the site with a sharp-edged object, possibly an ax. The skull was totally smashed. Then the unconscious victim was dragged to the water hole and put there. The young woman died there. The striking, camel-haired coat of the dead was found in a drainage ditch just a few meters away.

Based on certain results of the investigation, the murder commission assumes that the dead woman comes from the Braunschweig region and may have visited the Christmas market in Braunschweig in the days before the crime. Probably the victim had dressed up for the evening and was eating with her offender. Witnesses may also have seen the woman here.

More than 25 years ago police officers pulled a woman’s corpse out of a moat in Eickhorst. The woman’s face had been battered beyond recognition, her skull shattered. Now, after 25 years the woman has been identified as the then 28-year-old Tunisian national Zakia Mansour. The decisive clue was a missing person report, which the wife of Zakia’s son had posted after almost 25 years.

On December 13, 1994 Zakia Mansour arrived in Hanover, Germany on a flight from Tunisia. Investigators suspect that Zakia may have met a woman on this flight who visited her in the days that followed. The police are urgently looking for this woman as a witness. On December 26, 1994, Zakia was found dead in Eickhorst lying in a water hole next to a farm road.

Is there a connection to the missing person case of Ganya Thielke?

Ganya Thielke has been missing since Christmas Eve 1994. There may be a connection to the death of Zakia Mansour and Ganya Thielke. According to the police, Zakia had contacts with people in Wolfsburg and Salzgitter during her stay in Germany. The investigators therefore assume that she could have been in this area. The police also do not rule out that there could be a connection between Zakia Mansour and Ganya Thielke, 33 years old who has been missing since December 24, 1994. According to the police, Ganya worked as a prostitute under the nickname “NOK” in various establishments across Germany before she disappeared. Why Zakia Mansour was killed is still unclear. The Eickhorst II homicide squad is still investigating. The police will receive information on the telephone number (05371) 98 00.

Zakia Mansour
Ganya Thielke, missing since 1994
Ganya Thielke, missing since 1994
  • Date found: December 26, 1994
  • Place found: Eickhorst-Thun, Germany
  • Race: Probably Asian
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 25-30
  • Height: 151 cm
  • Weight: Slim build
  • Eye Color: Unknown
  • Hair Color: Dark brown, shoulder-length hair turning into black
  • Distinguishing Marks: A small mole on the right cheek
  • Estimated Date of Dead: The evenings and nights from December 22nd to December 23rd, 1994 (Friday / Saturday) and from December 23rd to December 24th, 1994 (Saturday / Sunday) come into consideration as the time of the crime
  • Cause of Dead: Injuries from an attack, possibly an ax
  • Clothing: Camel-haired coat, black velvet dress, tights, underwear, and black ankle boots. Both the coat and the dress were worn out and shortened temporarily. The coat in size 46 was sold in boutiques of the former GDR in 1987/1988. It was much too big for the victim, cut off at the bottom hem and not sewn professionally. The inner lining was pinned up with safety pins, the sleeves turned up. The coat with a back bolt was still too large for the victim, so that the bolt was almost at the level of the calves. The black velvet dress was also cut more amateurishly.
  • Jewelry: None
  • Personal Items: None
  • Dentals: Available
  • Fingerprints: Unknown
  • DNA: Unknown
If you have any information please contact
  • Agency: Polizeiinspektion Gifhorn
  • Phone Number: 0049 05371/9800

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