On May 29, 2002, a man was found on the beach of Scheveningen. He still remains unidentified.

Victim’s tattoo

Victim’s tattoo
Victim’s jeans “Angels”
Victim’s pants
Victim’s shoes
  • Date found: May 29, 2002
  • Place found: Scheveningen, Netherlands
  • Race: Caucasian
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Adult
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Eye Color: Unknown
  • Hair Color: Unknown
  • Distinguishing Marks: Parts of a tattoo were visible on the top of the left arm. A tattooed star was visible beneath that tattoo. Also on the left shoulder a tattoo of probably an image of a pennant.
  • Estimated Date of Dead: Unknown
  • Clothing: One pair of blue / gray socks. One remainder of a blue / gray underpants. One pair of sneakers brand “Nike” with the colors white / red and blue. Size Fabrique 980911, us 10, or 9604121 patent us 4. Remnants of a heavily bleached jeans, with leather sticker with “” Angels ”” on it. He wore these jeans under corduroy pants, brand “Marksman”. The upper body had no clothing.
  • Jewelry: Unknown
  • Personal Items: In his left shoe was a piece of French-language newspaper clipping. A piece of text about “Maroc en les Ambassades culture”.
  • Dentals: Unknown
  • Fingerprints: Unknown
  • DNA: Unknown
If you have any information please contact
  • Agency: Politie Nederland
  • Phone Number: +31 34 357 8844
  • Case Number: 14062927