The Police River Station in Warsaw conducts identification activities in the case of finding the naked body of an unknown male, in an advanced decay process. The body was found on the left bank of the Vistula River at the height of 523 km, the sewage collector in Bielany, on August 3, 2008. The body was carried ashore by high water in the Vistula River at the turn of July / August 2008. Until now, the identity has not been established.

  • Date found: August 3, 2008
  • Place found: Warszawa, Poland
  • Race: Unknown
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 35-45
  • Height: 177 cm
  • Weight: Muscular build
  • Eye Color: Unknown
  • Hair Color: Graying, 1 cm
  • Distinguishing Marks: Nose showed signs of slight post-traumatic deformity, which was expressed by a slight curvature of the nose to the right and an uneven surface around the nasal bones. Small ears, long face. Gap between his front teeth. Chipped teeth.
  • Estimated Date of Dead: Unknown
  • Clothes: None
  • Jewelry: None
  • Personal Items: None
  • Dentals: Visible old cavities from the front, chipped teeth, caries. Gap between the central incisors.
  • Fingerprints: Unknown
  • DNA: Unknown
If you have any information please contact
  • Agency: Komendą Rejonową Policji Warszawa II
  • Phone Number: (022) 603-11-55 or (022) 603-11-56
  • E-mail: N/A
  • Case Number: OIO-154329749P
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